Established Designer

We understand the intricate demands and busy schedules of established designers. At our fashion house, we prioritize delivering excellence at every stage of developing and producing your ethically-made fashion line.

Pattern & Sample

Our skilled teams of Master Pattern-makers and Sample-makers specialize in handling unique fabrics, including silk, leather, woven textiles, cut-and-sew knits, delicate beading, and lace. We offer expertise in various categories, ranging from activewear, swimwear, and lingerie to exquisite evening gowns and avant-garde creations. Leveraging the latest machinery, we seamlessly blend traditional handwork with automated precision cutting, providing an unparalleled level of craftsmanship.

Collaborate with our Master Pattern makers and Sample makers to ensure that your high-end or complex project meets your exacting standards for fit, detail, and quality.


Studio Level Production - 10-50 pieces per style

We are dedicated to providing year-round employment to garment workers at a livable wage, reflecting our commitment to being an exemplary workplace. Our cohesive in-studio team comprises skilled artisans with extensive experience in their craft.

Our in-house Studio Level Production allows you to take the next step in your fashion journey. We tailor our approach to your unique requirements, providing expert guidance on costing and timelines to fulfill your high-end and intricate production needs seamlessly.

Factory Level Production - 50-100, 100-300, 300+ pieces per style

With our expert production team managing every aspect of the process, from grading and marking to cutting and sewing, we help you launch your brand with the professionalism and finesse that define industry leaders. Benefit from our years of experience and embark on your journey to success with confidence.

Made To Order

Tailor your collection to meet the demands of your discerning clientele with our made-to-order service. We ensure that each piece reflects your brand's unique style and maintains the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

By implementing these adjustments, the content will resonate more strongly with your target audience, emphasizing your fashion house's dedication to quality and excellence at every stage of the production process.