Order Terms & Conditions



The following general terms and conditions of service shall apply to any service provided between Creative Platform Fashion Designing and its professional clients. Throughout the entire document, Creative Platform Fashion Designing will be referred to as ‘CP’. CP reserves the right to adapt or modify these general terms and conditions of service. In such a case, the client will be immediately informed of these modifications.

1. Conditions to Place Orders:

  • The client must place their order by any means to CP.
  • An order is only confirmed once the client has given written consent and deposited the advance/payment. No order is confirmed until then, and all terms are void if the deposit was not paid.
  • CP will issue an order confirmation including the date of the order, the reference or the commercial designation of products, the quantity, the scheduled date and place of delivery, the deadline of payment and the payment method, and the legal address.
  • The order confirmation will be sent to the client by email & WhatsApp.
  • The delivery time written on the order confirmation is given on a guideline basis.

2. Ability to Cancel or Modify an Order:

  • Cancellations or modifications of orders are not permissible unless there is a mutual agreement between CP and the client.
  • CP reserves the right to invoice any incurred costs of the preparation or the execution of the cancelled or modified order.
  • All orders & services are non-refundable.
  • In rare circumstances, a request for a refund can be put forward, but it is fully at Creative Platform's discretion.

3. Order General Information:

  • CP reserves the right to change and adjust the price of any service at any time before confirmation.
  • CP reserves the right to refuse any order request or cancel it until the point the order confirmation is placed.
  • In the case of damaged client fabric for which CP is at fault, CP will reimburse the cost of the fabric and refund the service amount for that item.
  • If the fabric is damaged and CP is not responsible, the client must pay CP the service charge for the existing work.

4. Designing Terms & Conditions:

  • The client is limited to 3 minor & 1 major design change from the initial meeting. A major change refers to completed work requiring significant adjustments, such as design/logo/print/labels/tech packs, etc. Minor changes refer to adjustments taking less than 5 minutes to complete for an in-progress item.
  • All design-related work is non-refundable. If the client is not satisfied with the quality of the work, no refund will be issued.

5. Sampling Terms & Conditions:

  • All design changes must be confirmed during the Tech pack stage.
  • During the toile stage, all adjustments should be mentioned, noting that any design changes will be subject to a charge as the toile needs to be remade.
  • During the toile stage, there are free non-design adjustments on the same toile (minor work only).
  • Once the final sample is ready, any major alteration will be subject to a charge, with 2 minor alterations being free. (Minor alteration refers to any work requiring less than 15 minutes of labor.)
  • Any other requests for changes in design will be subject to our normal charge rate.
  • The sampling process must be completed within 3 months of the order confirmation date. If delays are caused by the client, CP retains the right to not complete the sampling order. If the cause is CP, the time shall be extended, as per upper management decision.
  • The sampling service is fully non-refundable.

6. Production Terms & Conditions:

  • Before going into production, CP sends a PO (Purchase Order) with all the necessary information for approval. Once approved, no changes will be accepted to the design or production order.
  • If any changes are needed, CP can push back the delivery date or charge for the additional work, subject to CP management approval.
  • CP will not be held liable for delays if the delay is from the client's side (e.g., fabric wait, shipping, change of mind, etc).

7. Invoicing Conditions:

  • Invoices are issued and sent by email to the client once the order is placed. The invoice includes the date and number of the order, the reference or the commercial designation of the products, the quantity, the price of the goods, the conditions, and the legal address.
  • Invoices are only for one-time issuance and cannot be repeated. When a new order is placed, the same service might be a different price.
  • Prices are mentioned in AED. Invoices can be settled at the head office of CP via cash, check, bank transfer, or Western Union. For credit card and online payments, there is an additional 3.5% charge of the total amount.

8. Payment Terms:

  • Design orders require a 100% advance for confirmation of the order.
  • Sampling orders require a 75% advance for confirmation of the order.
  • Production orders require a 50% mandatory advance of the full invoice to process the order.
  • Once the advance is received, CP will process and confirm the order. Until then, the order and delivery date are not confirmed.
  • The balance payment is to be cleared before or upon delivery; otherwise, it is strictly prohibited to deliver/obtain the goods without clearing the full payment.
  • For all other orders with CP, the full invoice amount needs to be cleared in advance to confirm the order, including but not limited to any design work, fabric sourcing, design packages, etc.

9. Delivery – Property:

  • Basic packaging of the products is the responsibility of CP.
  • Freight costs, shipping, etc., and insurances are the responsibility of the CLIENT.
  • A carrier chosen by the CLIENT or suggested by CP has the risks transferred to the CLIENT at the receipt of the goods according to the chosen carrier.
  • The client should provide CP with complete materials; if they fail to do so, CP will not be responsible for the loss or delay in delivery.

10. Compliance, Warranty, and Returns of Orders:

  • CP provides a 6-week warranty period on any manufacturing defect, which does not include fabric quality, design issues, or accessories on the item. CP ensures that the stitching and work quality are insured to that level.
  • The client must inform CP of any disputes in case of non-compliance with the delivered goods within 72 hours after the receipt of the goods.
  • The client must provide all evidence concerning the defects or stated non-compliance. Beyond this predefined period, the responsibility of CP cannot be engaged anymore.
  • CP holds no liability for any damages that could occur under any other use of the product that is not its intended purpose.
  • Any return will be submitted with the agreement of CP.

11. CP Liability:

  • CP does not hold any liability on any non-completed items or lost potential value of damaged pieces, whether they were CP's fault or not.
  • In case of non-compliance and return of the products to CP, freights, and insurance costs will be chargeable to the Client.

12. Property/Privacy Rights:

  • All personal data acquired by CP from the client shall only be used for the purposes of this agreement and shall not be further processed without the consent of the client.
  • CP shall take all reasonable precautions to preserve the integrity and prevent any loss, damage, or destruction of the supplies/materials provided by the client.
  • CP shall use the disclosure of Confidential Information only to the colleagues and employees working in the company.
  • Clients need to exclusively sign an NDA with CP to ensure none of their work is showcased.
  • CP reserves the right to post and advertise the fact that the client work was created by CP unless explicitly mentioned otherwise in writing or disclosed in an NDA.