Emerging Designer: Start Up


Are you ready to realize your vision with a professional touch? Let us bring your dream collection to life in all its splendor.

Experience the meticulous craftsmanship of our leading pattern makers and skilled sewers as they bring your samples to life. This culminates in our premium studio located in Dubai, where every stitch reflects the care and dedication behind your designs. Meanwhile, our content creative services ensure an engaging narrative that beautifully captures the essence and story of your brand's creations.



Initiate an in-person or remote consultation to discuss your design aspirations, budget, and timeline. Receive expert guidance tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that every aspect of your vision is understood and executed with precision.

Collection Development

Collaborate with our team to plan and conceptualize the development of your fashion collection. Define themes, styles, and target audiences, creating a cohesive brand identity that resonates with your vision and goals.

Flat Drawing

Work closely with our in-house designer to translate and finalize flat drawings to ensure an accurate representation of your envisioned designs.

Fabric Sourcing

Choose from our curated selection of high-quality fabrics and trims, meticulously sourced to align with your design requirements and budget. Review fabric swatches and samples to make informed decisions on material selection for your collection.

Pattern & Toile Fitting

Engage with our sample technologist and pattern makers to create precise patterns based on your design specifications and measurements. Participate in fitting sessions to evaluate the initial prototypes and make necessary adjustments for an optimal fit and comfort.


Witness the realization of your designs as our skilled sewers and pattern makers produce initial samples of your garments. Provide feedback to ensure that the final production aligns with your expectations and design standards.


Transition from the sampling phase to full-scale production with our high-end manufacturing services. Oversee the production process, ensuring that each piece is crafted with precision and attention to detail.

Content Creation

Collaborate with our content creative team to develop captivating visual and narrative content that highlights the journey behind your brand's creations. Create engaging marketing materials and campaigns that build brand awareness and resonate with your audience.


Enhance your experience and gain valuable insights into your collection and the fashion industry with our Mentorship Program. Work alongside our Creative Director, Marina, to refine your understanding and expertise in all areas of your business and the fashion world.